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Questions And Answers

1) Question - do we charge for interviews

Answer - yes we charge for all interviews

2) Question - how much do we charge for interviews

Answer -  we have three different prices

we have a price for in house Studio interview

we have a price for zoom interview

and we have a price if we come to you

3) Question -  do you promote other businesses and brands

Answer - yes you can rent advertisement space right here on our website

its a one time set up fee then a small monthly fee

keep in mind whatever you advertise will be running 24-hours seven-days-a-week 365 days a year

one more thing to keep in mind every time you change your advertisement there'll be a one-time setup fee involved again

4) Question who will have to create the advertisement

Answer - you the business owner can create it in MP4 format or a Pacific link that we can upload

or we can do it in-house for you for a small fee and if we have to come out on location to do any filming or video work anything like that its a fee

5) - Question  do we only interview rap artist

Answer - absolutely not we are a media platform we interviewed anybody long as it's pertaining to a media substance

news political news Community News charity work events if you have news or see news happening give us a call we will be on scene depending on our schedule

we know there are millions of questions that you like to ask but we hope this helps you with some of them

and of course if you have a question reach out to us via email or by telephone and we will be happy to answer all questions you have